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The 4 ‘C’s of compassion, communication, credibility/competency, and consistency characterize this esteemed organization, DPT Sport. I had the privilege of working with a therapist here and my experience was truly life changing. What differentiates DPT Sport? Each visit is a dedicated one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)...READ MORE

If you want guaranteed one-on-one skilled physical therapy from the same compassionate doctorally trained physical therapist every time you walk through the door, come see us at

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Welcome to DPT Sport, a boutique physical therapy clinic and custom wellness center located in the fitness center on the beautiful grounds of the King-Bruwaert Community in Burr Ridge, Illinois.

Our focus is on providing exceptional individualized care, both for our rehabilitative patients as well as our wellness clients. Our goal is to maximize your human performance and get you back to what you enjoy doing most.

We are known for combining the latest evidence and research in our industry with comprehensive evaluations in order to create functional, goal-oriented, and individual-specific treatment plans. Our therapists are passionate about the care that we provide to you and do this with a fun, yet compassionate delivery. 

Our licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy at DPT Sport are experienced and dedicated to providing the best care possible to you, whether you have an orthopedic, neurological, sports medicine, or post-surgical diagnosis.

Here at DPT Sport, we are unique in the physical therapy and rehabilitation world as all of your care, from start to finish, is provided by licensed physical therapists who are experts in their field. All of our clinicians have a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy (DPT) from the most highly regarded physical therapy programs in the country. In addition, you will be seen by the same physical therapist every time that you walk through our doors.

We are committed to enhancing your quality of life, no matter what your age, fitness level, or hobby...everyone is an  athlete in their own right. Through our combination of physical therapy and rehabilitation services and specialized wellness services ranging from custom fitness design and sports performance to home safety assessments, we will work hand in hand with you to restore your optimal level of health and wellness as safely and quickly as possible. Once you experience the 'DPT Sport Difference', you will see why we are confident that we will be your family's primary "go to" musculoskeletal health care provider, saving you money and time while providing superior long-term results. 

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