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Christine Klody, PT, DPT, MPT, CSCS

Practice Founder/Doctor of Physical Therapy

Life-long learning is a passion of DPT Sport Founder and Physical Therapist Dr. Christine Klody.

She earned both her Doctorate and her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University School of Medicine’s Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences Program, which has consistently been ranked one of the top physical therapy programs in the nation.

Prior to that, she graduated Magna cum Laude from John Carroll University (JCU) with her Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience/Biology with a Minor in Psychology.

Since completing her postgraduate degrees, she has attended over 200 continuing education seminars, doubling that which the state of Illinois requires for licensure.

“I believe it is essential to stay current with the available rehabilitative research so that I am able to provide a higher level of skilled care to my patients than what is typically received by most in the current physical therapy environment.  At DPT Sport, we design a custom treatment plan for each patient based on that individual's specific deficits, movement analysis, biomechanical setup, and desired goals. We do this utilizing an evidence-based whole body approach that focuses on the functional goals that each individual needs to go about his/her daily activities.”

For Dr. Klody, her profession reflects her passion for helping patients achieve their maximum potential. "We want to help our patients and wellness clients become the best possible version of themselves." At the same time, she believes that it is important to guide them down a path of independent accountability for their own health and wellness by providing her patients with a solid foundation of ongoing education so that they can fully understand their diagnoses and their plan of care.

She was originally drawn to the profession of physical therapy when she was exposed to the field as an injured athlete in high school. With a family background of influential female health care provider role models, combined with her love of science and medicine and the thrill of a challenge, physical therapy was a perfect fit. "Each patient is like a fascinating puzzle to me; I enjoy using the current research paired with my clinical experience to fit each individual's unique pieces together to diagnose and then problem solve the best treatment approach to help them reach their peak performance- whether that be sports related on the field or teaching someone to walk again after a neurological insult or surgery."

Dr. Klody has been treating patients for over 20 years in the private practice arena including four clinical residencies in Seattle, Phoenix, Colorado Springs and Indianapolis.

She specializes in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine as well as post-surgical rehabilitation and neurological diagnoses, treating primarily an adult and adolescent population. She also has two years of experience practicing in a pediatric-specific setting working with infants, toddlers, and school age children with developmental deficits.

Enjoying the field of sports medicine, she pursued and earned her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) designation. She worked with and trained under the former Chicago Bears Orthopedic Surgeons and Team Physical Therapist.

Her patient experience spans from infants to older adults and includes physicians, professional and collegiate athletes, and weekend warriors.

Dr. Klody has an exceptional understanding of the biomechanics of various sports, including but not limited to golf, tennis, softball/baseball, basketball, running, football, volleyball, and soccer.  She is passionate about helping her athletes return to their highest level of play as quickly and safely as possible by providing the entire spectrum of services, from rehabilitation all the way to sports performance training.

She has treated hundreds of golfers of varying levels of play and honed her golf-specific treatment skills while training under the PGA Tour’s first Director of Physical Therapy.  She attained her Titleist Performance Institute Certification, learning from some of the top golf professionals in the world. She is also a K-Vest Certified Instructor, utilizing the K-Vest Human Motion Learning System for 3-D golf swing analysis and biofeedback.

Dedicated to the study of how the human body functions with sport, Dr. Klody is also OnBase University Certified in both Baseball/Softball Hitting and Pitching. Having trained with world renowned baseball/softball experts and possessing an in-depth knowledge of sport biomechanics, she is able to assess each individual's biomechanical setup and movement sequencing to see how that individual's body impacts his/her ability to efficiently execute and master the skills necessary for that sport. This analysis then allows her to design a customized sports performance program that targets any limiting factors in the body that are inhibiting that athlete's ability to perform at the highest level.

Christine has extensive post-surgical, pre-surgical as well as non-surgical rehabilitative experience, being the “go to” physical therapist for some of the area’s top orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Klody is IASTM Hawk Grips Certified and uses these highly effective manual therapy tools as an adjunct to her customized treatment plans in treating a number of soft tissue diagnoses that her patients present with, including various types of tendonitis and tendonosis. She is also an IASTM instructor, teaching other clinicians from around the state in conjunction with the Illinois Physical Therapy Association.

She has designed and presented an Injury Prevention and Conditioning Program for Competitive Dancers in addition to an ACL Injury Prevention and Sports Enhancement Program for all athletes. Christine and her team have also designed a custom Firefighter Injury Prevention and Work Performance Program and trained various local fire departments in this program. 

Dr. Klody was a therapist on a Traumatic Brain Injury Team at a Level 1 Trauma Center, treating a variety of neurologically involved patients. With a significant neuro background from this residency as well as her education at Northwestern University, known for their neuro specialization, she enjoys treating a wide variety of patients w/ various neurological diagnoses including balance disorders.

While studying at Northwestern, she authored two orthopedic case studies and co-developed “An Educational Exercise Program for Breast Cancer Survivors,” which she presented at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Subsequently, she authored an a related article that was then published in a professional physical therapy magazine. Dr. Klody also has an in-depth knowledge of cancer (and post-cancer) rehabilitation.

While studying at JCU she conducted and presented her own Independent Neuroscience Research Study. Also while at JCU, she was an Ambassador Volunteer at the renowned Cleveland Clinic and volunteered in the JCU training room, working with collegiate athletes.

While studying abroad in Australia, Dr. Klody volunteered at the sports medicine clinic where the state’s professional rugby team was treated.

She was a collegiate tennis player.  Additionally, she has experience as both a tennis instructor and a swim instructor during her collegiate years.

She has been a healthcare panel speaker at various graduate-level educational institutions including her alma mater Northwestern University as well as at various hospital systems. As one of her passions is community outreach, Dr. Klody enjoys presenting frequently on various health and wellness topics throughout the community. She has been a Medical Staff Volunteer at both the Chicago Marathon and the Special Olympics at ISU. DPT Sport has also been a corporate sponsor for the 5K Run for Veterans here in Burr Ridge, Downers Grove D.O.L.L.S. Softball League, and Junior Achievement.

Her studies and work experience have left her with an ongoing passion to continually improve her skill set while treating a diverse patient population.  When she is not working, Dr. Klody enjoys spending time with family as well as participating in a variety of outdoor sports including golf and tennis and coaching softball and soccer.

What people say about Christine:

“When I first was referred to DPT Sport, I really wasn’t convinced it would be any different than my experience at another PT company where I left without feeling any better after completing their program.  I, however, was pleasantly surprised after completing my treatment program at DPT Sport.  Starting with my evaluation to my discharge Christine spent time constructing a program that would accommodate my personal needs. ….after a few weeks I began to see and feel a difference in my pain and physical abilities….I waited to write this letter until I had left therapy for a number of months to test Christine’s statement that I would continue to advance…I am pleased to say that I am still doing well.  Thank you Christine and DPT Sport for making my life better.”  -Jackie M.

“I have recommended Christine to my referring physician.  I think she and the entire operation are fabulous.  After two experiences elsewhere, I appreciate the superior level of intelligence and skill of my therapist Christine. Dr. Klody is an astute, experienced, and very skilled practitioner.  She was able to immediately identify what I needed to do to alleviate my cervical stenosis as well as my lower back pain. I think it is significant that three months later, I am pain-free (as long as I continue the HEP). Most important to me, I was able to participate in the Naperville Sprint Triathlon in this August (400 yard swim, 6 mile bike, and 5K run), and achieved personal bests in 2 of the 3 sports. I think that at 68 years old, that’s very cool!!! Plus, it’s the first time I finished with no injuries.”      - Kathy L.

“Of all of the caregivers that I have worked with, Christine is the most knowledgeable and professional that I’ve come in contact with.  Her genuine concern and personal attention to her patients is phenomenal.” -Jared H.

“Thank you for all of your kind words of encouragement and expert help.  You made my sessions much more enjoyable with your kindness, concern, and great sense of humor.”  - Linda L.

“I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me in helping rehabilitate from the many problems I have with my back and legs.  You are an amazing young lady and your knowledge of diagnosing and correcting problems was a Godsend for me….you have given me hope that I will actually get to run with my grandkids someday instead of just holding them on my lap.  You have truly been a blessing.” - John H.

“This is an outstanding clinic and Christine is very knowledgeable! I intend to recommend this location for individuals in need of therapy.” – Larry N.

“I want to thank you, Christine, for working with me during my recovery. It has been my experience in the past that therapists do not take the time to discuss the goals of the treatment regimen or the ‘whys and what-fors’ to my satisfaction. I have to say you explained the routines to me and patiently answered questions so that even I could understand them (was that three sets of 10 repetitions or 10 sets of three repetitions?)” – Clint P.


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