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What is physical therapy?

Physical therapists at DPT Sport are specially trained and licensed clinicians who evaluate, diagnose and assess various physical ailments, mostly musculoskeletal in nature.  With our extensive experience and post-graduate education in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation, we are able to take our findings from our evaluation and design customized treatment plans to help you restore your strength, motion, and function following injury or surgery.

Your therapist will teach you specific exercises and stretches to start you on your path to good health and wellness. At the same time, we will provide the necessary manual therapy and specialized equipment to address the full spectrum of your specific deficits.

Every member of our team is specially trained in identifying individual deficits and how they impact the biomechanics of your body.

Our knowledge base includes understanding other medical conditions and surgical procedures and how your body may be impacted by them. 

We are conscious of the limitations of your body especially following surgery and take care to tailor your program to ultimately lead to a complete recovery.

How long will it take to restore my full mobility?

There is no “one size fits all” rule for physical therapy. Each patient’s case is individual, and the duration of time and number of treatments needed to restore full mobility depends on the severity (and length of time or chronicity) of the injury or condition, the overall health of the patient, and the patient’s willingness to complete a routine of home exercises to accompany their in-clinic therapy sessions.

After the first assessment, your physical therapist will present an anticipated program of treatment, and regular reassessments will take place as you progress.

What can I do to augment my treatments?

In most cases the return to wellness is very much a joint effort between your physical therapist and yourself. In almost all patient scenarios, it is customary that between visits to your Physical Therapist, you will be highly encouraged to conduct a reasonable course of home exercises.

Strict adherence to your home exercise program (HEP) will speed your recovery.

Do I need a physician’s referral to make an appointment?

No, absolutely not. The state of Illinois, as well as all other 49 states, are all Direct Access for physical therapy. What does that mean?...You can come straight to us for Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment without ever having seen a physician. Physical therapists across the country have demonstrated that we save you the patients, as well as the entire healthcare system, money and also speed up your rehab recovery when you can get in to see a licensed physical therapist as soon as possible (without having to wait for physician appointments, imaging, etc). Come see us today to see how we can help you out!

How long will my treatments last?

The average time to be allotted for each appointment is one hour.

Are your physical therapists licensed?

All of the physical therapists practicing at DPT Sport are licensed by the State of Illinois and have completed post-graduate education from an accredited physical therapy program here in the United States.  Additionally, all of our therapists complete a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education bi-annually, with some doubling this figure.

Will I see the same therapist each time?

Absolutely.  At DPT Sport, we strongly believe that patient continuity and building a trusting rapport with our patients is paramount.  Unless your therapist is sick or on vacation, you will only be seen by your evaluating therapist.

What are the advantages of adding your specialized services?

Achieving optimal health and wellness is a goal that extends past the immediate treatment of an injury or condition. At the same time, it is often difficult and complicated for individuals to make honest self-assessments.

For example, a runner may not realize why he or she is unable to progress to the next level of prowess in their sport. By having a skilled physical therapist do a detailed gait and fitness analysis, a recurring problem or biomechanical deficit that is keeping them from moving up another notch may be revealed and thus, effectively addressed.

At DPT Sport, our customized fitness assessments and programs along with our additional wellness services are catered to our valued clients, from recreational and professional athletes to seniors in our community . Our therapists will provide the education necessary so that you know what is impeding your progress and subsequently, chart a comprehensive course to move forward and address the issue.  Whether your goal is weight loss, increased sports performance, or the desire to make home modifications to make your environment safer as your needs change throughout the years, DPT Sport is here to meet your needs.

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