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Direct Access is exactly what it sounds like… patients having direct access to licensed physical therapists. This means that you no longer need a physician referral in order to be evaluated by or receive treatment from a licensed physical therapist.

In August of 2018, Governor Rauner signed new Direct Access legislation into law, catching the state of Illinois up to how most of the country had already been handling health care and physical therapy for years. This law, which was effective immediately, provides for patients to be evaluated and treated without a referral from a physician. Direct Access to examination and treatment by a licensed physical therapist for a musculoskeletal problem has been shown to save not only you, but the whole health care system millions of dollars, while improving long-term treatment outcomes. The diagnostic accuracy of a physical therapists' clinical examination has been shown to be the equivalent of orthopedic surgeons and well above non-orthopedic providers when compared to an MRI diagnosis in the research. 

Can you still see us WITH a physician’s referral? Absolutely, please bring your referral in with you to your Initial Evaluation visit with us so that we can maintain good communication with your physician, including sending him or her updates as to how you are doing in therapy. We are also happy to send updates to your physician(s) whom you do not have a referral from, but would like to keep “in the loop”, as we believe collaboration with the rest of your health care team is important to provide you with the best comprehensive care.

If you have any questions regarding Direct Access in the state of Illinois, please call us at (630)230-9565 and ask to speak with our clinic director.


*Note: While the state practice law allows for direct access in all cases, there are rare occasions where some corporate policies/insurance plans may still require a referral for reimbursement purposes. Our team is happy to verify your insurance benefits/ physical therapy coverage as a complimentary service to you to see if this is applicable.

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