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The DPT Sport Difference

DPT Sport offers superior individualized physical therapy and rehabilitative care using up-to-date evidence-based practice delivered by our team of experienced and dynamic physical therapists.

All of our therapists have earned their Doctorates in Physical Therapy (DPT) from the most prestigious institutions in the country. Having treated countless patients following surgeries of various types, each of our therapists is also highly skilled in post-surgical care. 

One of the cornerstones of our practice is that we insist that all of our patients are treated 100% of the time by our licensed physical therapists. Unrecognizable to most patients, there exists a common business practice in the physical therapy and rehabilitative world that is damaging the public's perception of what true "skilled physical therapy" is. Productivity quotas in these substandard practices consistently drive up the number of patients on a therapist’s schedule, necessitating the use of unlicensed support staff while tripling and quadrupling the documentation workload on the actual licensed therapist. In addition to the majority of your care being rendered by unlicensed, underqualified staff, the licensed therapist when with you does not have time to critically think on a deeper level about your plan of care as their administrative load mounts.  Here at DPT Sport, our goal is not to inflate our profit margin while diluting the level of expertise that you receive.  We do not utilize Physical Therapist Assistants nor Athletic Trainers nor techs at our clinic. We are not part of a conglomerate or a chain of clinics and thus are solely dedicated to the community we serve. We are not owned by a large private equity firm with profit margins as our primary driver.  DPT Sport is physical therapist-owned and we are known for providing superior quality rehabilitative care, with many of the physicians and executives from these behemoth entities seeking treatment from our expert clinicians.  Our patients' functional outcomes and satisfaction with our care is our primary driver.  Additionally, at DPT Sport you will see the same therapist each visit; your therapist will know you as a patient and the details of your rehabilitation, which will undoubtedly subsequently enhance your functional outcomes.

Our therapists at DPT Sport are dedicated to staying on top of the latest science to ensure our patients receive the best treatment possible. In addition, we each have a personal commitment to constantly upgrade and improve our skills and training because we understand how rapidly the field of health science changes. We take seriously our responsibility to deliver the best evidence-based therapy and treat each and every patient as an individual.

The physical therapists here at DPT Sport have decades of combined clinical experience in the field in such varied areas as orthopedic, neurological, geriatric, pediatric, sports medicine, vestibular, and post-surgical.  Each of our patients is seen as an individual, not a diagnosis.  Combining our extensive experience with our individualized approach allows us to provide the most effective treatment plans for each of our patients.

DPT Sport offers a diverse practice to a wide range of patients.  We have developed a special bond with our senior patient population in the community and value them highly as we work towards achieving healthy, pain-free aging. One of our specialties within this population is balance and strength training with an emphasis on function, which we utilize to decrease fall risk and increase independence.  At the same time, we have decades of experience working with the outside community and enjoy extending our practice into the broader community around us, attracting recreational and professional athletes and clients of all ages. We have become a major go-to center for weekend warriors, helping them cope with sports injuries, prevent reoccurrence, as well as bringing their overall fitness and sports performance to a higher level with our wellness offerings.

We are dedicated to our company's mission of helping all of our patients reach their goals and improve their quality of life safely, quickly, and affordably with one-on-one care while promoting and providing wellness services and education to our surrounding community in an effort to move our current "sick" care system to a true health care system.

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