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CrossFit is a relatively new and rapidly-expanding fitness movement that aims to address strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance together using creative workouts that can be modified to suit the individual’s abilities and fitness goals.  CrossFit classes typically include compound lifts, multi-joint and multi-muscle movements that are more functional than your standard machine workouts. Many times, these compound movements are new additions to an individual’s “ar...
Posted on 2019-12-04
Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, or IASTM for short, is a technique that has been becoming more mainstream recently, especially with the Olympics shedding a spotlight on other specialized manual techniques such as “cupping”.  The terms IASTM, Graston, and Hawk Grips are synonymous, as Graston and Hawk Grips are simply particular brands of IASTM tools.  IASTM encompasses using any specialized instrument(s) that can help a clinician to identify and treat soft tis...
Posted on 2018-07-26
Summer is here and that means everyone from the elite runner to the weekend hiker will be out and about trying to shake off the winter blues. As you increase your activity level, you may find that you aren’t as physically capable as you once were, or maybe you have been ignoring a nagging pain for far too long or perhaps there’s a longer race distance looming on the horizon. Whatever the reason, just as a regular oil change promises to keep your car running at its peak performance, a...
Posted on 2017-07-22
Cold weather and icy roads do not deter everyone from running and exercising outside, as it should not. Utilizing safe outdoor practices and wearing proper clothing will keep you running all year round. As with all activities when you are exercising in the cold, you want to ensure that most importantly you are wearing the appropriate clothing. While staying warm when exercising is important, it is also key not to bundle up too much. One common mistake novices to cold weather workouts do is dress...
Posted on 2015-02-03
The temperature has dropped and the snow has started to fall.  That means it is time to get out on the slopes and trails and enjoy some popular winter sports! Skiing (downhill and cross country) and snowboarding are great ways to stay fit and have fun in the winter months. Avoiding injury while having fun is the name of the game when you step out into the cold outdoors this winter. We'll outline some common winter sport injuries and how to avoid these injuries. Downhill skiing and snowboar...
Posted on 2015-01-06
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