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Specialized Wellness Services


Call us to learn about the packages we offer to help you reach your goals and be the best possible you!

* Individualized Fitness Assessment, Custom Program Design & Follow-up Training Sessions


* Fitness Program “Refresh” 

(2-3 months after program completion OR from discharge from therapy)


* Sports Performance Individualized Consultation/Evaluation, Specialized Program Design & Follow-up Training Sessions (All sports)


* Sports Injury Prevention Assessment, Program Design & Follow-up Training Sessions      (Sport-specific or ACL Injury Prevention)


*Golf Fitness Individualized Assessment, Custom Golf Performance Program Design & Training Sessions


* Formal Balance Assessment, Design & Follow-up Custom Strength/Conditioning/ Balance Program
 (Note: If history of falls or fall risk concerns from MD, you can obtain a referral from MD for formal Physical Therapy Evaluation)


* Home Safety Assessment & Environment Recommendations
  (Time estimate given based on size/complexity of residence & needs)


* Workplace Ergonomic Consulting and/or Presentations

* Individualized Postural Assessment, Custom Strengthening Program Design & Follow-up Training Sessions

Above 'Specialized Services' are self-pay services.



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