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Our Team

Laura Schweitzer-Tobolaski, PT, MSPT

Licensed Physical Therapist

Laura earned her Bachelors in Biology from Northern Illinois University as well as a second Bachelors in Anatomy and Physiology from Andrews University before completing her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy at Andrews University. She has been practicing for over 25 years in a variety of settings including outpatient orthopedics, pediatrics, acute care, home health, and skilled nursing facilities. Because of her passion to learn, over the years Laura has taken continuing education that consistently exceeds the state requirement for licensure. Laura feels that continued education and training is paramount to staying current with your skills as well as the new research in order to provide the best care possible to her patients. Laura is also certified in Vestibular Therapy, treating dizziness and diagnoses such as BPPV and vestibular hypofunction. Along her path, she has taught at two physical therapy schools; she still continues to take physical therapy students under her wing on clinicals to mentor and guide the future clinicians in our industry. Laura values truly listening to her patients and MVP training clients in order to better focus the treatment goals of their partnership and customize their treatment plan. Honest and open communication between patient and therapist is key to maximizing our clients' potential and returning them to what they love doing most. Compassion, she feels, is integral in guiding her patient care. Laura enjoys kayaking and canoeing and spending time with her two sons. She also volunteers at her local church and has been active over the years as a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America, including transforming her local troop to be gender-inclusive, allowing girls who are interested in learning "the great outdoors" to participate as well.

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