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Carolyn Boucher, PT, MPT     

Licensed Physical Therapist  

Carolyn earned both her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and her Masters degree in Physical Therapy from St. Louis University. As a physical therapist with over twenty years of experience, Carolyn credits successful outcomes to both taking the time to be one-on-one with her patients so that she can truly listen to their needs.  She has seen a variety of diagnoses and disorders throughout the years and has worked in outpatient, acute, and rehab settings.  Carolyn enjoys treating the entire spectrum of patients, from young athletes to older adults who are deconditioned and experiencing arthritic pain or balance difficulties.  Carolyn is also well versed in pre-surgical and post surgical rehab for all ages and types of surgeries.  She has experience with returning patients to work, as well as working with individuals with dizziness diagnoses, such as BPPV, and post-concussive syndrome. In addition to her experience treating patients with orthopedic and neurologic ailments, she also has experience working with patients with oncological diagnoses. Carolyn feels that continued education and training is paramount to staying current with your skills as well as the new research in order to provide the best care possible to her patients.  

"When I first meet patients, I am excited to begin working with them on promoting a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally."  Carolyn loves her rewarding role as a physical therapist and enjoys seeing her patients progress and return back to the activities that they love.  Carolyn credits successful outcomes to listening to her patients, while treating the whole person, not a specific joint or diagnosis. With this empathetic style of listening, she is better able to focus the treatment goals of their partnership and customize their treatment plan. She believes that listening to her patients is just as important as her hands-on clinical skills.  Compassion, she feels, is integral in guiding her patient care.  Honest and open communication between patient and therapist is key to maximizing our clients' potential and returning them to what they love doing most. Carolyn lives in the suburbs and loves staying active with her children and husband; she enjoys running, hiking, and tennis in her free time. 


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