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What is a Program Refresh?

  • One of our Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) will redesign your DPT Sport Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program (HEP) that you received at your discharge visit with all new customized exercises
  • Program Refreshes can also be done following your final visit of your wellness training package with us
  • With your input, our DPTs will re-evaluate your short and long term goals to assess progress and make necessary program adjustments to ensure optimal success
  • We will address any additional questions or concerns that you may have regarding your cardiovascular fitness, resistance training, flexibility program, and any other conditioning principles
  • Walk away with access to our smartphone-friendly DPT Sport Custom Portal to see videos, photos, and precise written instructions on how to perform your custom program along with an optional tracking system to improve program adherence

Why should you do a DPT Sport Program Refresh?

  • This newly designed program will prevent muscle accommodation and allow you to reach your peak level of fitness and avoid training plateau
  • Our expertise allows us to easily modify and customize exercises to decrease stress on joints, take into account individual needs, and teach proper form to ensure a safe workout routine
  • Expert guidance from our Doctors of Physical Therapy will help decrease your risk of injury with your everyday activities including recreation and sports
  • We have the benefit of having worked with you before and therefore, are very familiar with your strengths, your target areas needing improvement, your goals, and any customization needed
  • Keep your workout fresh and fun by trying new exercises that you have never done before!

Program Refresh is only available to our patients or clients that are within a six-week period following discharge from physical therapy or wellness program completion Wellness Consult is necessary beyond this timeframe.

Price: $150.00

If you are looking for more consistent training instruction with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, please see our page on Individualized Wellness Training

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