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Are you worried about the safety of your home or your loved one’s living environment?

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can do a Custom Home Safety Assessment

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) at DPT Sport have developed a special bond with the older adult population in the Burr Ridge and Hinsdale community. We place a significant emphasis on helping individuals achieve healthy, pain-free lifestyles as they age, while decreasing fall risk and increasing independence.

  • Your DPT Sport Custom Home Safety Assessment is a three-part process performed by our licensed physical therapist
  1. 30-minute complimentary in-person visit for an estimate
  2. In-depth safety assessment of the requested areas in your home living environment (variable length)
  3. Results and recommendations session (variable length)

*Projected cost is based on an hourly rate with total time estimate given
based on size/complexity of residence & client’s individual needs

  • Our doctoral education includes extensive training on how to modify living spaces to improve safety and help prevent accidents and falls from occurring
  • Proven in research, physical therapists possess the knowledge to decrease fall risk, saving many individuals from unnecessary fractures, hospital stays, and devastating or fatal injuries
  • Home safety assessments are designed to provide insight into any potential hazards that currently exist in your home or outdoor areas and allow our therapist to recommend cost-effective modifications and simple solutions to improve your safety
  • Whether you are worried about one room or the entire home, we will take the time to discuss all of your concerns with you and your family
  • Our DPT will take into consideration any special modifications necessary to accommodate your assistive device as well as any sensory impairments, memory/cognitive difficulties, and visual impairments
  • Entryways into and out of the home, the interior of the home, and the exterior of your home (i.e., patios/decks, walkways/driveway areas) can all be assessed by our expert therapists
  • The National Council on Aging and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that injuries in the home are largely preventable when home safety practices are put into place in a home

We evaluate several home safety factors, including but not limited to:

Appliance accessibility Assistive device accommodations
Emergency access Trip hazards and pathways
Lighting Flooring
Necessity for handrails Shower/tub/toilet
Ramp considerations if necessary Clear and clutter-free space
Personal considerations including fall history & independence/mobility level

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Let us help provide peace of mind and create a safe home environment

We also provide Complimentary Fall Risk Screens for individuals

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