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What is a DPT Sport Golf Consult?

  • Performed by DPT Sport Founder, Dr. Christine Klody- who is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Health Care Professional, K-VEST Motion Analysis-Certified, Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Thorough review of golf history and any relevant medical or injury history
  • Titleist Performance Institute Golf-specific Biomechanical Screen - to identify any restrictions that could hinder your ability to execute or change your swing (or implement what your pro is asking you to do)

Same screen used with the PGA and LPGA Tour players

  • 2-D Slow Motion Video Analysis of your golf swing
    • Down the line and frontal views used to assess any swing characteristics that are likely impacting your game: address posture, any loss of posture, maintenance of swing plane, and presence of: sway, slide, reverse spine angle, hanging back, and casting/early release
  • K-VEST 3-D Swing Analysis of your kinematic sequence
    • Analysis of how you sequence the key body segments that create rotational force in the golf swing (your ‘kinematic sequence’). The ideal sequencing of segments leads to improved consistency and power/distance. This analysis helps to identify any areas of inefficiency in your swing sequence.

See how you compare to the pros!

  • Custom Goals Assessment (objective, measurable, and achievable)
Two-session Consult:   $500
1st session:     1.5-2 hour Assessment Session
2nd session:    30 minute Results Session (with customized training package recommendation)

How do I then use this information from the Golf Consult to optimize my game?

Custom Golf Performance Training

  • Train 1-on-1 with the DPT Sport Founder, Dr. Christine Klody
  • Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to your golf swing in a way that is easy to understand
  • Experience a custom golf performance strength and conditioning program targeted specifically at your needs and your goals
  • Improve your strength, power, flexibility, and balance to increase your mobility, stability, and drive distance
  • State-of-the-art biofeedback system to improve your biomechanics and decrease any problematic swing characteristics to increase your swing efficiency
  • Learn more about Dr. Christine Klody’s qualifications on the Titleist Performance Institute website

Performance Training Packages

Birdie Package 1x/week x 6 weeks
Accelerated Eagle Package 2x/week x 6 weeks
Eagle Package 1x/week x 12 weeks
Albatross Package 2x/week x 12 weeks

For more information about packages and pricing, call us today!

Package Recommendations given at Results Session are based on client’s specific goals, skill level, number of areas needing improvement, and client’s need for movement retraining and/or manual work

Improve your golf fitness to improve your game

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