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In your Annual Wellness Consult at DPT Sport, our doctorally trained physical therapists will:

  • Identify your musculoskeletal strengths and weaknesses, including muscular strength, endurance, and power generation so that we can recommend the next steps using evidence-based research
  • Discuss any of your general health concerns, including nutrition, cardiovascular considerations, and optimal bone health
  • Assess your full biomechanical setup and perform a comprehensive movement screen to examine your movement patterns
  • Evaluate your posture, balance, and mobility, which are all necessary in your day-to-day life
  • Examine your flexibility and range of motion in order to optimize joint biomechanics and improve functional mobility
  • Help you understand your risk of overuse and possible injury
  • Determine the presence of any asymmetries affecting how you move to decrease stress on your joints

Let our physical therapists at DPT Sport give you an in-depth look at your musculoskeletal system and comprehensive general health to help optimize how you feel, how you move, and how you perform in your daily life!

Base Wellness Consult:
1-hour custom wellness assessment and a 30-minute educational results session
Comprehensive Wellness Consult:
1-hour custom wellness assessment and a 1-hour educational results session with a customized home exercise program targeting your goals
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Check out our Individualized Wellness Training or Partner Wellness Training to take yourself to the next level using the information provided in the Wellness Consult

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