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Complimentary Screens


DPT Sport offers a complimentary 30-minute Injury or Pain Screen
by one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy!

  • Our Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) use these complimentary one-on-one assessments to determine the best and often the least invasive treatment solution for your non-emergency conditions
  • Our therapists will evaluate any concerns that you may have including mobility, weakness, swelling, instability, dizziness, balance difficulties, and/or pain
  • Extensively trained in differential diagnosis, if your issue does not appear musculoskeletal, our DPTs will happily refer you to the appropriate specialist 
  • We help you avoid the unnecessary cost and wait time for a physician visit
  • Avoid wasting your time researching online using questionable sources and ensure that you are getting accurate information from a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • In most cases, we are able to offer you the most progressive solution to your musculoskeletal condition without the use of pain medications, injections, or surgery
  • Based on the findings of the injury or pain screen, our DPT will explain the extent of your injury or likely factors causing your pain and recommend whether physical therapy is appropriate for you

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