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DPT Sport offers Team Injury Prevention Training with Our Doctors of Physical Therapy

Let us help your team improve their sports performance
while decreasing their risk of injury!

  • Our Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) at DPT Sport have presented to various organizations within the community, including athletic organizations, sports teams, dance studios, fire departments, and we’d love to work with your team!
  • Each clinician on our team has a doctoral degree in physical therapy and human movement sciences from the top-ranked programs in the country
  • Early collaboration with coaches, athletic directors, trainers, and families to ensure that your children understand how to properly move their bodies to avoid unnecessary injury is fundamental
  • In addition, we educate teams on how to appropriately warm-up, cool-down, train in-season as well as train-off season to avoid overuse injuries while optimizing performance and avoiding plateau
  • Our expert clinicians use their knowledge of each specific sport to customize a training program to target key muscle groups necessary for stability and mobility
  • When consulting with teams, we consider several factors including: appropriate and targeted conditioning programs, appropriate gear including shoewear, concussion awareness and reporting, proper rest and recovery, optimal baseline biomechanical setup, and overall sports safety principles
  • Get a better understanding of the signs and symptoms that indicate your player needs to modify play or take a break from play
  • Can be done preseason to get your team ready for the coming season or as an in-season jump start
  • Available for your elementary age athletic teams all the way up to collegiate and professional athletic organizations
  • Our team is a trusted expert medical source and has been asked to present to various groups within the medical community including: hospital systems, specialty and primary care physician groups, nurse case managers as well as doctoral physical therapy programs, and rehab industry colleagues
  • Members of our expert therapist team include:  continuing education course instructors, board certified specialists, strength and conditioning specialists, sports performance/biomechanical analysis experts (including Titleist Performance Institute Certified, On Base University Certified, and K-Vest Certified Medical Professionals), and IASTM Certified clinicians
  • Understanding a coach’s perspective is key as we work with your team and we understand that as members of our clinical team also have coaching and sports instruction experience in various youth sports including soccer, softball, swimming, golf, and tennis
  • Our DPTs here at DPT Sport have over four decades of combined clinical experience in various specialty areas including orthopedic, sports medicine, neurological, geriatric, pediatric, vestibular, pelvic health, and post-surgical rehab
  • If you are looking for individualized custom sports performance training, please see our Custom-Fit Sports Consult and Performance Training page

DPT Sport offers Team Injury Prevention Training for the following sports:

Basketball Gymnastics
Dance Lacrosse
Field Hockey Paddle Tennis
Football Running
Soccer Volleyball
Swimming Wrestling
Tennis Baseball/Softball
Track & Field Golf

Contact us at (630)230-9565 and ask to speak with our Practice Founder,
Dr. Christine Klody, to inquire about availability

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