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DPT Sport offers Presentations for Healthcare Providers by our
Doctors of Physical Therapy

  • Our Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) at DPT Sport are dedicated to staying on top of the latest research to ensure our patients receive the most cost-effective treatment possible with consistently superior outcomes... we’d love to share some of our knowledge with you
  • Our team has experience presenting to various members of the medical community including: hospital systems, specialty physician practices (i.e., OB/GYNs, orthopedic surgeons), primary care physician groups, nurse case managers as well as doctoral physical therapy programs
  • Our expert therapists are also instructors who teach specialty content through formal continuing education courses for physical therapists around the country
  • Our Founder has sat on expert medical professional panels at graduate level institutions speaking on various topics and sits on a Mastermind Peer Advisory Board for the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association
  • Due to rapidly changing medical advancements, our therapists make a personal commitment to constantly upgrade and improve their skills by attending well over the state licensure requirements in continuing education seminars and industry conferences
  • Regularly, our team meets to review case studies with evidence-based discussion and, on a rotating schedule, each clinician presents new content knowledge to the rest of our team
  • Our DPTs here at DPT Sport have over four decades of combined clinical experience in various specialty areas including orthopedic, sports medicine, neurological, geriatric, pediatric, vestibular, pelvic health, and post-surgical rehab
  • We are passionate about facilitating collaboration within the medical community, while developing strong professional referral relationships with other patient-focused providers throughout the Chicagoland area

Some examples of presentations that our Doctors of Physical Therapy have given include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-surgical Approach to Osteoarthritis
  • Worldwide Physical Therapy Traveling Volunteerism
  • Fall Prevention & Balance Training
  • Various Joint Disorders & Treatment
  • Pelvic Disorders & Pain
  • Patient Safety training with nursing staff
  • Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Various business practice topics including interviewing, management, marketing as well as clinical excellence

Interested in having DPT Sport come to your office to assess ergonomics
in the workplace and discuss cost-saving injury prevention?

See our Workplace Presentations and Ergonomic Consulting page

Contact us at (630)230-9565 and ask to speak with our Practice Founder,
Dr. Christine Klody, to inquire about availability

To request our custom referral pads for your physician group,
please email cklody@dptsport.com or call (630)230-9565

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