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Grandfather gets new lease on life

“I want to thank you for everything you have done for me in helping rehabilitate me from the many problems I have with my back and legs. You are an amazing young lady and your knowledge of diagnosing and correcting problems was a Godsend for me. I hope you know that all the time, money and hard work you spent in college so you could help people in need is paying off in more ways than having a job and collecting a paycheck. In my case you have given me hope that I will actually get to run with my grandkids someday instead of just holding them on my lap. I may even to able to play baseball ad volleyball at the picnic we are going to plan this year.  You have truly been a blessing.”

– John H.

Firefighter escapes pain

“I’ve spent 29 years as a firefighters and five years as a basketball coach who’s thrown hundreds if not thousands of practice pitches. I also still work out on a regular basis but during and after my workouts, I began experiencing an increasing amount of pain in my shoulder. X-rays determined that there is no longer any cartilage in my right shoulder. I am virtually 90% pain free in my right shoulder and elbow now, due to new exercises you’ve taught me and modifications you’ve made to my work-out routine. Based on your knowledge and professionalism I would gladly recommend you to my family and friends.”

– Mark V.

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